A Summer Update

I've been super busy the past month but I'll be back with regularly scheduled content on June 9th!

Hello everyone! 

It’s not Wednesday when I usually send out my newsletter but it’s the weekend and the first time I’ve had a moment to breathe this month. I miss this space and wanted to give you an update on Queer Tejas

The month of May was really busy for me. I was commissioned to write four articles, a writing project for a nonprofit, and did a fun speaking gig, which has kept me going, going, and going. At the start of the year, I was so unhappy in my corporate job that I quit and now, I’m finding my stride as a full-time freelance writer. I’m thrilled and proud about everything I’ve worked on in the last month. Now that May is coming to a close, I’m about to slow down for the summer because I will be preparing to move to New York and start grad school in the fall! 

When I created Queer Tejas, I thought it was gonna be the only writing project keeping me afloat for the next few months?? I had high ambitions to write a newsletter every week because I’m a Capricorn Rising and thought I had to do it frequently to be “successful.” I’ve realized that creating this newsletter is a lot of unpaid work that I can’t afford to do right now because you know, I’m trying to move across the country to a very expensive city. I realized that writing a newsletter every week isn’t feasible for me at the moment but writing Queer Tejas is still very important to me. 

From now until September, Queer Tejas will be published every two weeks. Once grad school ramps up, I think I’ll probably reevaluate and most likely move to a monthly newsletter frequency. Regularly scheduled content will be back on June 9th! Stay tuned for essays and interviews with queer and trans Texans for the rest of the summer. 

Also, I dropped the ball on moving the newsletter off Substack. I’m gonna follow up with the person who was helping me do that and I’ll keep you posted on that front too. 

Those are all the updates I have for you. Thanks so much for being here! If you believe in my work, please consider sending a few bucks my way to keep me going! Venmo: @yvonnesm12 

I’ll leave you with two of the stories I wrote in May. 

Thanks y’all!